Naturalist Guide: Area Overview

Point Arena is more than just the name of this place; the headlands that form the “Point” of Point Arena, make this area unique. The Point shelters one of the few coves with safe anchorage in the region. It also creates a massive upwelling zone that feeds one of the most productive ecosystems on the west coast. The trail behind City Hall starts above Arena Cove and follows the edge of the bluff through coastal prairie to the Point Arena Lighthouse and the mouth of the Garcia River. Along the way, you will walk past sprawling patches of wild huckleberry plants and sinkholes large enough to swallow the Lighthouse. The Point Arena-Stornetta Lands will dazzle you with wide-open views of surfers lining up for a chance to catch a wave, whales sticking close to shore, and the ocean relentlessly carving caves and arches into the rocky coastline.

The Point Arena Lighthouse marks the “Point” of Point Arena and is located next to the Point
Arena-Stornetta Lands and marine protected areas.

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