Naturalist Guide: Local Historic Timeline

7,000 BCE Pomo ancestors inhabit Clear Lake

2,000 BCE date of the oldest artifacts discovered on the Point Arena-Stornetta Lands

1812 Fort Ross built and Russian sea otter fur trade along the Sonoma and Mendocino coast

1823 Spanish Mission founded at Sonoma (Mission San Francisco Solano)

1842 Russians leave Fort Ross

1844 Mexican Government gives Rafael Garcia land grant

1850 California becomes a U.S. State

1859 First buildings in Point Arena

1866 Wharf developed at the Arena Cove

1869 Garcia Lumber Mill starts operations

1870 First Point Arena Lighthouse

1902 Bokeya Manchester Reserve created, which becomes the Manchester Rancheria

1903 Arena Cove Life-Saving Station

1906 Earthquake damaged town and Point Arena Lighthouse

1908 Point Arena incorporated, new lighthouse begins operations

1927 Town of Point Arena burns in fire

1940s Modern roads arrive and schooner service ends

1971 PG&E proposes building a nuclear power plant on what will become the Point Arena-Stornetta Lands

1983 Pier at the Arena Cove destroyed in storm

2010 Point Arena marine protected areas created

2014 Point Arena-Stornetta Lands become part of the California Coastal National Monument

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